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Gekkeikan invite for Karley DIGITAL

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Gekkeikan invite for Karley DIGITAL

Popup Dinner: Sake & Waraji in Raleigh, NC

Popup Dinner: Sake & Waraji
Now Taking Reservations!

Wednesday, July 15th, 7:30pm
$85 (plus tax) per person
Reservations Required

We’re excited to announce our next popup dinner, right here in the shop, will be a sake and Japanese cuisine dinner with food by Waraji Japanese Restaurant. This dinner event will be hosted by two renowned experts in their fields who are as passionate about teaching others about their specialities as they are practicing their craft.

About the Master Sake Sommelier
Tiffany Dawn SotoWe’re honored to have as our special guest host for the evening Master Sake Sommelier Tiffany Dawn Soto. Tiffany, the first non-Japanese woman to earn the title of Master Sake Teacher, has revolutionized the sake industry in the United States – expanding imports of sake into the country, creating sake lists at some of the top restaurants across the US, and consulting for restaurants and teaching classes here as well as abroad. She is one of the top Master Sake Sommeliers outside of Japan and we’re welcoming her, as well as some of her specially imported sakes to the shop for this special event.

About the Chef
chef masaBorn in a fishing village in western Japan, Chef Masa Tsujimura of Waraji Japanese Restaurant in Raleigh has over 30 years of experience as a sushi chef and has been the proprietor and head chef at Waraji for the past 18 years. As well as perfecting his craft, he has trained dozens of sushi chefs throughout his career.
Masa is as passionate about sake as he is about his award winning sushi and traditional Japanese foods. Waraji carries over 50 different sakes to match with their extensive menu.

Check out the menu below and give us a call us at 919.803.5473 or e-mail us to reserve your seat as we bring these two heavyweights of the Japanese culinary world together for this special popup dinner.

~ Reception ~
Assorted Japanese Rice Crackers
Sake Cocktail

~ Amuse Bouche ~
Chilled and Lightly Salted

~ 1st Course ~
Seaweed Salad
with Shredded English Cucumber
Ichishima Seishu Sake (720 ml at $31.99)

~ 2nd Course ~
Raw Oyster in Ponzu Sauce with Spicy Daikon Radish
Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake (300 ml @ $21.99)

~ 3rd Course ~
Tekka Tartar
Tuna with Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, and Finely Minced Green Onion
Ichishima Junmai Sake (300 ml @ $23.99)

~ 4th Course ~
Chef Masa’s Selection of Assorted Nigiri Sushi
Ichishima Junmai Daiginjo Sake (300 ml @ $40.99)

~ 5th Course ~
Chicken Kamameshi
Japanese Rice Pilaf with Chicken, Shiitake mushrooms, and Bamboo shoots
Ichishima Seishu Sake – Warm Preparation (720 ml @ $31.99)

~ Digestif ~
Ichishima ‘Silk Deluxe’ Sake (500 ml @ $37.99)

All sakes tasted are discounted:
10% off by the bottle
15% off 6+ bottles (mix or match)

Japanese Whisky 101

Japanese Whisky Offerings at Azumi
Japanese Whisky Offerings at Azumi

Japanese Whisky Offerings at Azumi

Whisky in The Shed

Who: 21+ only, Adults, Members
Where: The Shed at the Maryland Science Center
When: May 28, 2015 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
How Much? $60 per person ($55 for members)

“Because anytime is Suntory Time.” Bill Murray, Lost in Translation, 2003.

The makers of this film didn’t know it at the time, but that single line would go on to launch a cultural shift in whisky drinking worldwide. A year after it was released, The Yamazaki 25 Year made its first long journey across the Pacific and docked in the hearts of whiskey lovers everywhere. More than sentimental attachment though, Japanese whiskys would soon deliver the credentials to back up their following, winning top whiskey awards at international challenges worldwide.

In this class, participants will join Master Level Sake Educator and Japanese Beverage Expert, Tiffany Dawn Soto for two hours of Japanese Whisky with a Sensei. She will walk you through the history and culture behind Japanese Whisky, the components and distillation processes, and ultimately through a who’s who in the world of Japanese Whisky. Participants will taste four exceptional whiskeys and one of Tiffany’s cocktail creations, made with one of her favorite labels. This is a rare opportunity to gain a sneak peek into a world rarely open to westerners.