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Tiffany Dawn Soto on the cover of Nightclub & Bar Magazine.

Why I do what I do…

In an ocean of food and beverage mediocrity, I have been fortunate in my ability to help some rise above the horizon line to shine amongst the stars. While sake is foreign to many, and often treated like the red-headed step child of the beverage world, she has big aspirations, and I aim to help her reach her potential. Its the marrying of this potential with that of your establishment that allows me to create the magic I create with each and every new consultation.

My specialty, however specific allows me to create beauty while facilitating knowledge. It allows me to perpetuate a love and passion that runs deep within me.

Why your company needs me…

I often liken sake’s positioning in the U.S. food and beverage world with that of wine in the early 80’s. At the time it seemed a bit bourgeois, but with some clever marketing and positioning, better access to the product and the education needed to understand it, not to mention a very effective ad campaign by Bartles & James Wine Coolers, it took off like a rocket.  This is where sake is at right now. This is her moment to rise and shine. In 2007 sake imports to the United States doubled from those in 2006, and then they doubled again in 2008, and yet again in 2009. With this increased access to premium sakes in the United States the stage is set, but the access to knowledge and education is still lacking. Ordering sake can be incredibly intimidating for the consumer, but sadly it can be even more intimidating for the restaurant server pitching the product. In addition, creating a list that is easy to understand for your target consumer can be a difficult task to achieve. This is where I come in. Every day that passes by with a staff that is under-trained or unable to inspire excitement about sake, is a day you’ve lost revenue. The same is true if your portfolio is outdated or lacking diversity in style, region or price point. Don’t waste another day! Let me help you to ensure that your beverage program reaches her maximum potential.

What I can do for your company…

My sake education and knowledge are extensive, but knowing isn’t enough. My strength is in my unique ability to teach about sake in a way that not only makes it easy to understand, but also easy to learn to relay in an manner that generates excitement and a wanting to know more. The area of expertise that I am most passionate about is pairing sake with all types of cuisine. I can create omakase or chef’s tasting pairings, menu pairing suggestions, or I can help plan and facilitate special dinners or events. Prior to specializing in sake I was trained and practiced as a wine sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, which allows me to ensure that we strike the perfect balance between types of beverages on your list. My degrees in marketing and advertising have contributed heavily to my methods with regard to menu planning, design and creation. I understand that each restaurant’s needs are specific, but there are certainly common threads for all. Some restaurants want bragging rights, while others seek simplicity or diversity in their list, but every restaurant requires profitability, and I can help you to achieve whatever those specific goals may be.

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